Where do we begin?

If you are at the beginning of your skating journey, you have found the right page!  

Most skaters come to us because they have watched skating on TV and want to try, or maybe were invited to a birthday party at a local skating rink and thought it was fun.  Those first slippery steps usually lead to the conclusion that skating is one of those sports that is best learned with some instruction!  You will be amazed at how quickly a few lessons can get you on the right track to be able to get up if you fall, to move forward and to not have to crash into the boards to stop.  

Skaters have two options available to them when they begin - group lessons or private lessons.  


Group Lessons

Try group lessons through the Lynnwood Ice Center.  Group lessons offer the most affordable method of beginning skating.  In group classes, instruction is given to a group of skaters that are segregated by level, whether you come with no skills or can move about the ice.  

Group lessons are administered by the Lynnwood rink and offers many of our SSC Professional members as coaches.  SSC believes strongly that the best beginning ice program is the curriculum offered by U.S. Figure Skating through it's Basic Skills Program. Through it's series of stepped progression, skaters will move through Basic 1 through 8 levels.  Special classes are offered for young skaters, through Snowplow Sam classes, as well as group lessons for adults.  Information on this program and how it is structured can be found on the USFS website.  

If this looks good to you, then the next step is to contact the Lynnwood Ice Center to determine when the next series of basic skills lessons is being offered.  They can be reached by phone at 425-640-9999  or through their website - the Lynnwood Ice Center. 


Private Lessons

The other method for skating instruction is private lessons.  Many skaters will progress from basic skills group lessons to private lessons, but for some, the decision is made to take first steps in a one-to-one setting.  The advantage to private lessons is that a skater can move at their own speed, not that which is the average of the class.  Also as lessons are contracted directly with a skating coach, convenience of time and location can be the factors in determining that private lessons are the best beginning place for some.  The drawback to these private lessons is of course the cost.  Most skating professionals in our area, charge somewhere between $74 - $80 per hour, although most lessons are 30 minutes in length.  Some can be just 15 minutes for beginners.  If you would like to explore private lessons further, we invite you to go to our Professionals page where you will find the bios and phone numbers of the professionals who are Seattle Skating Club members.  If choosing a coach seems overwhelming to you, a good resource is USFS's advice on Finding a Coach - what every parent should know.


I still have questions!

No problem.  We invite you to read through the basic skills Parent's pages  on the U.S. Figure Skating website.  Then, feel free to contact us with your questions.  We are here to help and to ease your journey into the world of figure skating.