Mark's Sectionals Blog - Entry #1

Hey everyone back in Seattle!

Mark Jahnke & Roxette Howe, photo by Sarah BrannenRoxette and I have been in a whirlwind of preparation for our big trip to Salt Lake City this week!  Since there are a lot of new faces back at SSC since I trained there I figured I should probably start with an introduction.

I'm Mark and I began skating at Seattle Skating Club back in 2002 when I first moved to Seattle.  For almost every day for the seven years that followed I made the trek up to Olympicview Arena in the wee hours of the morning to skate before school.  I graduated from the Lakeside School in 2009, and moved to Boston to go to Boston University, and them transferred to Harvard University, where I'm a junior concentrating in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.  Somehow between all of my classes and coursework I have managed to find the time to train full-time.  Luckily, I'm actually a bit ahead on work right now, plus we have not one, but two days of downtime between our events this week, so there's plenty of time for me to stay up-to-date on my schoolwork.  Oh, and practice.  I almost forgot about that part!

My partner Roxette and I have been skating together since May, and we've been working very hard this season to get things together.  We just made our performance debut last month at Harvard's annual An Evening With Champions show alongside Oksana Baiul and Kim Yu-Na among other luminaries, and we're hoping to improve even more this week at Coasts.  Roxette is from Los Angeles and has been skating since she was very young, and has been ice dancing for two years.  She, too, is a college student taking a full course load from Oakland University, where she is a freshman.  Unlike me, though, she's always on top of her work, and because of her diligence, actually has very little work to do this week.  At some point it'll hit me what a good strategy that is!

I'm writing this to try and put off the packing process.  Ironically, despite crossing two mountain ranges and time zones, this will be one of my shortest trips yet to a competition - a mere four hour flight!  That pales in comparison to some of my other trips, the longest of which lasted 36 hours one-way in a caravan of SSC skaters and family members coming home from Junior Nationals.  THAT was an adventure!

Regardless, in the morning I will find myself lugging a suitcase and garment bag to class despite the strange looks of the students around me.  And then, the adventure begins!  I'm really looking forward not just to competing, but to seeing everyone who will be coming in from all over the Section.  We'll also get to see our training partners and one of our coaches from Michigan, too, which will be especially fun!  As some of you know, we train during the school year in Boston with Barret Brown and Tom Lescinski, and during summer and school breaks we train in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Yaroslava Nechaeva and Yuri Chesnichenko.  It's a great combination, and it has allowed us to really improve every aspect of our skating.  We're really excited to show off our hard work!

Until then,

Mark and Roxette



Holiday GALA is December 10th!


Ikaika's Final NWP Regionals Blog


Congratulations to our qualifying skaters!

The NWP Regional Championships is in the record books and SSC sends 3 skaters and qualified 2 alternates to move onto the U.S. Junior Championships and Pacific Coast Sectional Championships!  

Congratulations and kudos to:

Oliva Olsen - NWP Regional Senior Ladies Pewter medalist - qualifies to Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

Sarah Gonzales - NWP Regional Senior Ladies 5th place - 1st alternate to Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

Ikaika Miyata - NWP Regional Intermediate Men's Gold Medalist - qualifies to the U.S. Junior Championships

Turner Malatos - NWP Regional Intermediate Men's Pewter Medalists - qualifies to the U.S. Junior Championships

Shoritah Ching - NWP Regional Intermediate Ladies 5th place - 1st alternate to the U.S. Junior Championships

Awesome job!!!

Special  notice also goes to Anna Lank - who qualified to the Intermediate Ladies final and placed 8th less than 4 months after breaking her ankle at Ice Fest!  Way to bounce back Anna!


All of our SSC skaters made us proud!  Congratulations on your season!!


Ikaika's Regionals Blog - Entry #2