Congratulations to our qualifying skaters!

The NWP Regional Championships is in the record books and SSC sends 3 skaters and qualified 2 alternates to move onto the U.S. Junior Championships and Pacific Coast Sectional Championships!  

Congratulations and kudos to:

Oliva Olsen - NWP Regional Senior Ladies Pewter medalist - qualifies to Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

Sarah Gonzales - NWP Regional Senior Ladies 5th place - 1st alternate to Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

Ikaika Miyata - NWP Regional Intermediate Men's Gold Medalist - qualifies to the U.S. Junior Championships

Turner Malatos - NWP Regional Intermediate Men's Pewter Medalists - qualifies to the U.S. Junior Championships

Shoritah Ching - NWP Regional Intermediate Ladies 5th place - 1st alternate to the U.S. Junior Championships

Awesome job!!!

Special  notice also goes to Anna Lank - who qualified to the Intermediate Ladies final and placed 8th less than 4 months after breaking her ankle at Ice Fest!  Way to bounce back Anna!


All of our SSC skaters made us proud!  Congratulations on your season!!


Ikaika's Regionals Blog - Entry #2


Ikaika's Regionals Blog - Entry #1


SSC's 2012 NWP Regionals Team!

2012 SSC Regional Team Skaters! Pictured are those skaters that attended our Regionals Exhbition

Eleven skaters from SSC will take to the ice in Spokane, WA this weekend to compete in the 2012 Northwest Pacific Regional Figure Skating Championships.  The top four skaters in Juvenile and Intermediate men's and ladies at this event will move onto the 2012 U.S. Junior Championships in Lansing, Michigan.  The top four skates placing in Novice, Junior and Senior mens and ladies, will move onto the 2012 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships in Salt Lake City.  

The skaters representing SSC this year are:  Kacie Capuzzi - Juvenile Girls, Madison Schatz - Juvenile Girls, Shoritah Ching - Intermediate Ladies, Shelby King - Intermediate Ladies, Anna Lank - Intermediate Ladies, Alaina Lewis - Intermediate Ladies, Haley Null - Intermediate Ladies, Turner Malatos - Intermediate Men, Ikaika Miyata - Intermediate Men, Sarah Gonzales - Senior Ladies, Olivia Olsen - Senior Ladies.  

Coverage of the event, including schedules, live video streaming and results can be found on We are also excited that one of our skaters, Ikaika Miyata will be blogging for our club from Spokane.  You will find his posts on this page!

Good luck to all our qualifying skaters!!!!


Also taking place in Spokane this weekend is the Non-qualifying Northwest Pacific Open competition.  SSC is proud of the seventeen skaters representing our club in this portion of the Regionals weekend.  Skating for SSC are: Emersyn Basile - Non-Test girls, Karissa Black - Non-Test girls, Cassidy Rust - Non-Test girls, Sabrina Rust - Non-Test girls, Emma Winward - Non-Test girls, Mia Matson - Non-Test girls, Evelyn Jackson - Non-Test girls,  Gianna Buckley - Pre-Preliminary girls, Felicia File - Pre-Preliminary girls,  Lori Klein - Pre-Preliminary girls, Julianne Lefelhocz - Pre-Preliminary (no axel) girls, Marissa Charawell - Preliminary girls, Carly Sprague - Preliminary girls, Tori Littlefield - Preliminary girls, Alina Bui - Pre-Juvenile girls, Peyton Darrow - Pre-Juvenile girls, Mercedes Valles - Open Juvenile girls.  

Although results for these events won't be posted at icenetwork, we are sure to hear of the great skates that trickle back to us in Seattle.  We wish all our skaters their best skate of the year!  



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