Seattle Skating Club Memberships

Seattle Skating Club membership renewal for 2018-19 skating year has been open. Please visit

Application requires that you read and agree to the Seattle Skating Club Rules and Regulations packet.  By submitting your application, you are acknowledging that you read and accept the information in this document. 

Questions, just contact us!

Our Role in your skater's life

Membership in the Seattle Skating Club provides skaters and their families with a team experience and a supportive skating community.  Membership in SSC brings opportunities for participation in social events, testing, competitions and educational seminars.  

SSC activities are defined each year by our volunteer Board of Directors and will be published on our Calendar page by August 15th each year.  A sampling of activities from years past include picnics, critiques, holiday exhibitions and potlucks, spring recitals, ice shows, our annual competition - Ice Fest, parent information sessions and fundraising opportunities.  


How is SSC Affiliated with U.S. Figure Skating?

Membership in Seattle Skating club includes membership in U.S. Figure Skating.  U.S. Figure Skating is the governing body for the sport of figure skating in the United States.  USFS Provides the only sanctioned path to Regional, National and International competition.  U.S. Figure Skating provides both competitive and recreational skating in all disciplines, including singles skating, pairs skating, ice dancing, synchronized and theatrical skating.

Most skaters take their first steps with our U.S. Figure Skating basic skills programs.  Beyond basic skills, USFS defines a series of developmental levels for it skaters.  SSC hosts test sessions several times a year to support skaters in their continued growth in the sport.  

Included in every SSC membership is a subscription to Skating Magazine, published bimonthly by U.S. Figure Skating.  


Why join SSC?

Most skaters become club members to feel part of a skating community, to skate competitively - although that is definitely not a requirement, become more active in the sport and to participate in club activities.  To take USFS test levels, vote in Seattle Skating Club elections, participate on our Board and receive discounted SSC Member pricing for ice at Olympicview Ice Arena, full membership is required.


When should my skater join SSC?

When your skater is ready to progress to private lessons or just wants to become part of the skating community in our rinks, then it is time to join the Seattle Skating Club. We offer Basic Skills memberships for skaters who have not started testing and full competitive memberships for skaters who are testing. When you are transitioning from Basic Skills to full competitive memberships, we have an introductory membership just for you!


What type of memberships do you offer?


Have you been an SSC Full member before?  Did your membership include a magazine from USFS? If you answered YES, then this is your membership

The full competitive membership provides all the benefits you need for U.S. Figure Skating testing and competition.  Benefits of this membership include:

U.S. Figure Skating membership, which includes a subscription to Skating Magazine

Club certification (signatures for entry) for all U.S. Figure Skating competitions

Eligibility for U.S. Figure Skating testing in freestyle, moves in the field, pairs and dance

First priority for space on SSC testing, Judges’ Critiques and Exhibitions

** PLEASE look for the Junior/Senior category for those members with a skater under 18 years of age.

**IF more than one skater or a 2nd adult would like to join, look to a Family Membership!


Are you a basic skills member? Is this the first time you have joined as a full member of USFS? If you answered

 YES, then this is most likely your membership! 

The introductory membership is designed for new skaters who have never been full members of U.S. Figure Skating.  Whether you are coming to full membership from basic skills or as your first experience in skating, this initial, one-time only membership is offered at a significantly reduced rate.  This membership provides you with all the benefits of a full competitive membership as outlined above. All members under 18 must have one parent join as the Second Family Member and this parent or guardian then becomes a voting member of SSC.

** PLEASE look for the Junior/Senior category for those members with a skater under 18 years of age.

**IF more than one skater or a 2nd adult would like to join, look to a Family Membership!


Are you enrolled or are entering a four-year college program in the fall? This is your membership! 

The collegiate membership is a four-year full membership at a reduced rate for college-enrolled members.  Skaters can exercise this option only once in their skating careers and can apply any time they are enrolled in college, not just their freshman year.  Skaters receive the same privileges as a full competitive member and if under 18 years of age, do not need an adult to join as a 2nd family members. 


This membership is for members who are active members of another Home Club or are independent members of U.S., Figure Skating.  Associate membership allows other club members to test on SSC test sessions at member rates and to be included in club related social evens and exhibitions. Be sure to indicate clearly your home club on the first page of the application. 


This is the membership for our coaches, those who derive an income from skating and teach private students.  Coaches, you MUST go through U.S. Figure Skating coach registration process and receive your “green light” before you apply to the club for membership. 


This is a non-skating membership, and designed for adults who no longer skate, test or compete. This membership category covers those who would like U.S. Figure Skating  membership and affiliation with SSC, but are not covered by other membership categories.  This includes, but is not limited to Officials, parents or other family members of skaters age 18 or over, past and continuing board members, skaters who no longer compete but wish to remain in touch with skating and other friends of the Seattle Skating Club. 


Why does an adult member have to join with a skater under the age of 18?

Good question!  SSC has in its bylaws that every skater under the age of 18 must have an adult parent or guardian join with them in full membership.  The reasons for this is two fold.  First, as a non-profit in the State of Washington, we take seriously our responsibilities in ensuring that we operate as a legal non-profit.  We must have a Board of Directors and a membership that can vote on club budgets, elections, etc.  These are adult roles and as such, we must have adult members.  In order to give our parents a voice in our club, it is a necessity that they become members.  Secondly, each USFS club is entitled to send delegates, based on their total number of members,  to the annual, national meeting of U.S. Figure Skating - called Governing Council.  At Governing Council, decisions are made that affect the operation of figure skating in this country.  Voting delegates must be  adults and must be club members.   


I am confused with all these acronyms and people.  What is the difference between SSC, WISA and the rinks?  

SSC, the Seattle Skating Club, sponsors and obtains sanctions for club activities, test sessions and competitions.  WISA, the Washington Ice Skating Association, manages the rinks, the Basic Skills program at Lynnwood Ice Center, the Bridge program at Olympicivew Arena, the Summer school program, the off-ice classes and all free style sessions.  The "rink" or WISA programs are overseen by a WISA-employed Skating Director.