The Olympicview and Lynnwood Arenas are home to a premiere international staff, featuring World & Olympic competitors from the UK, Poland, France and the USA.  Our dedicated coaching staff provides a full range of skating disciplines - freestyle, dance and pairs - with professional specialists in spins, stroking and choreography.

When choosing a coach for your skater, there are several factors to take into consideration.  To assist you with this process, U.S. Figure Skating has outlined the following information.  We hope that this helps you in making your coaching choice.  

 Seattle Skating Club Professionals  (listed alphabetically)


Sharon Baker  Cell: 425-772-2659

  • 5 Time British Senior Ice Dance Champion
  • 1988 Olympian for Great Britain
  • 1990 World Professional Ice Dance Champion
  • “Team USA” Coach
  • P.S.A MASTER RATED coach in Ice Dance
  • P.S.A. MASTER RATED coach in Moves in the Field
  • P.S.A Level 5 ranking

Sharon started skating in Great Britain and quickly went on to become the British Senior Ice Dance Champion, a title she held for 5 years. She represented GB in many International, European and World Championships.

After turning professional she toured Europe as a principle skater in “Holiday on Ice” then continued with her success by becoming the World Professional Ice Dance Championship in 1990. She continued to coach in the U.K. producing many championship skaters, including skaters on “Team GB” at many International competitions, including the “Junior Olympic Games” in Sundsville, Sweeden and the Junior World Championships.

She moved to the United States in 1997 with her family and continued with her success by becoming the only DOUBLE MASTER RATED coach in the Pacific Northwest. She went on to produce multiple NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and INTERNATIONAL COMPETITORS for the USA. In 2008 she became a developmental coach with “Team USA” and in 2010 became a full international “Team USA” coach. She continues pass on her knowledge and expertise working with students of all ages and abilities as both a primary coach and as a secondary coach to the majority of the coaches in the area.

Sharon specializes in Ice Dance, Choreography and Moves in the Field.

Stephen Baker cell 425-772-6562

* British National Pair Skating Champion
* World Competitor for Great Britain
* Team “USA” Coach
* P.S.A. Rated in Freestyle
* P.S.A  Level1 & 2 Hockey coach
* P.S.A. Level 3 ranking

Stephen started skating in Great Britain and after becoming the Northern, Midland & Scottish champion for 7 years went on to become British National Pair Champion and a competitior at the Junior World Championships and the World Professional Chamionships. 

He moved to the United Sates in 1997 with his family and continued his success by coaching multiple NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and INTERNATIONAL COMPETITORS for the USA. In 2008 he became a developmental coach with “Team USA” and in 2010 became a full international “Team USA” coach.

He continues to pass on his knowledge and expertise working with students of all ages and abilities as both a primary coach and as a secondary coach to many of the coaches in the area.

He is also holds the P.S.A Hockey 1 & 2 certification and is a power and edge coach hockey players and figure skaters alike.

He was skating director for SSC for many years and was the promoter for 2008 Skate America in Everett.

He specializes in Freestyle, Pair Skating, Dance Elements and Power Skating. 


Nastassia Dzemyanovich – (425) 361-9135,

Senior Resident International Coach

·        A senior level ice skater from Belarus where she competed both nationally and internationally for over 12 years.

·        Holds a Master of Arts degree with a Major in Linguistics and Minor in Education.

·        Since 2006 consulted multiple junior level ice skaters and served as a Technical Specialist for all national competitions in Belarus.

·        Since 2012 serves as a Technical Specialist for majority of Non-Qualifying competitions in the area as well.

·        A member of Seattle Skating Club since 2011, and currently one of the few Russian-speaking coaches in the Pacific Northwest who teaches professional and recreational students of all ages and skillsets, including junior and adult hockey players, and conducts off-ice conditioning sessions for all athletes.


Lori Elliott

*Member Professional Figure Skating Association, and US Figure Skating.

*25 years coaching experience teaching beginner through competitive skill levels

* Professional Ice Show Skater Ice Capades, Ice International, Holiday on Ice, Follies on Ice 

Lori has been teaching in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years. She has coached medalist in several regional championships. She works with all ages and abilities and hopes to teach her students the love of skating and to reach their personal goals. Before starting her teaching career Lori toured nationally and internationally with several professional ice shows as a featured soloist skater. 


Rachel Franchock  Cell: 248-787-6849 

  • USFS Triple Gold Medalist - Ice Dance (solo and partnered) and Moves in the Field
  • International and National Senior level Synchronized Ice Skating Competitive Experience
  • 2010 Synchronized Ice Skating World Championship Competitor
  • 6+ Years coaching experience from youngsters to adults
  • 2+ years synchronized ice skating coaching experience

Rachel is from Michigan and grew up skating in the Detroit area. During her youth, she was fortunate to train in a highly competitive area and has been influenced by top US and Canadian coaches. Rachel skated competitively through her high school years and traveled nationally and internationally as a member of Team USA while skating for the Crystallettes, a Senior Level Synchronized Ice Skating team.

Rachel attended Michigan Technological University and earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology in 2014. During her time at Michigan Tech, Rachel continued to coach individual skaters and also gained experience as the head coach of a pre-juvenile synchronized ice skating team. Rachel has had experience coaching both locally competitive and recreational skaters and enjoys sharing her knowledge while tailoring each lesson to the skater’s physical and psychological needs. Additionally, Rachel views figure skating as a life long sport and encourages her students to fall in love with the sport at any age. Rachel’s preferred coaching disciples include basic or foundational skills, compulsory ice dance, moves in the field and low-mid level freestyle. Rachel also enjoys coaching choreography, edge and power technique as well as synchronized ice skating.

Currently, Rachel is attending Seattle Pacific University and is earning her Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She plans to use her degree to instill effective leadership and teamwork practices within individuals as well as help organizations navigate seamlessly through change. Additionally, Rachel hopes to apply what she has learned to team sports such as synchronized ice skating.


Anne H. Goldberg  Cell: 508-243-3449 

Anne believes in a holistic approach to coaching, calling on her unique skillset as an avant-garde classical composer, choreographer, and performer. She seeks to empower each individual to reach his or her highest potential on and off the ice through safe technique, humor, and exploration. Anne seeks to instill the values of persistence, patience, and sportsmanship, imparting manageable goal setting, accountability, and optimistic thinking. No matter the students' goals, they learn to have healthy relationships with success and failure, build relationships with their peers, and celebrate their individuality and improvements on a daily and long-term basis.

Anne excels at choreography, and is the Artistic Director of her own contemporary dance company, the Synthesis Aesthetics Project, was accepted to Disney on Ice and Ice Theater of New York, and has appeared as a model skater for a series of instructional videos distributed through the Professional Figure Skaters Cooperative.

Anne has worked with Broadway Blades TOI (USA 2), Nexxice Senior (CAN 1), and other regional, national, and international skaters in their on and off-ice training and choreography. She also directed and choreographed the Theater on Ice team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with her adult group placing 4th at Nationals.



Ellen Kenny-Berg Cell: 425-876-5403 

Ellen has been coaching in the Seattle area for over 20 years and has become one of the premier coaches.

Ellen is native to the Seattle area and began her skating career at Lynnwood Ice Center. As a competitive skater Ellen achieved the USFSA Silver Medal in Figures and the Gold Medal in Freestyle. Ellen also skated at the Sr. Ladies level in many Regional and Sectional competitions and became an alternate at US Nationals before turning her attention to professional skating.

As a professional, Ellen has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and Puerto Rico while skating in many different ice shows. Disney on Ice and Holiday on Ice are only two of the professional ice shows she has been involved with.

As a coach, Ellen believes that figure skating is a lifelong sport and considers it a privilege whenever she is asked to help create a solid skating foundation for any student. She coaches beginner through adult and has coached at many different competitive levels, including Junior Nationals. Ellen is Professional Skating Association (PSA) rated coach and is a US Figure Skating Level ‘A’ Competitive coach. 


Anna Li  

  • USFSA Gold medalist
  • 2012 U.S. National Ice Dance Adult Champion
  • PSA accredited
  • 16 years experience teaching tots to adults
  • Coaches basic skills, freestyle, ice dancing and edge work (mif)


A U.S. Figure Skating Gold medalist in Dance, Anna believes and lives the ideal
of figure skating as a lifetime sport. She has been involved in figure skating in a variety of capacities since her childhood in New York. Her roles have included skating student, competitor, skating club founder, test chair, board member, Skate America organizer, assistant to Dick Button’s World Professional Figure Skating Championships and coach. This is in addition to working professionally in marketing for firms such as American Express, Ogilvy & Mather, and Disney Online.
Anna has coached for 16 years and is PSA accredited. She with her partner, Will
Eastler, are the 2012 U.S. National Adult Ice Dance Champions. In addition, they are the 2008 and 2009 U.S. National Adult Championship Ice Dancing silver medalists.
Currently, in addition to coaching both children and adults, Anna continues to
actively refine her own skating skills, which provides reminders of the challenges all skaters experience and provides personal experience with the newer IJS rules of the sport.
A coach in basic skills, freestyle, ice dancing and edge work (MIF), Anna’s coaching style focuses on basics, building blocks and key concepts that help skaters to self diagnose when practicing independently. For adult skaters, Anna uses a thoughtful analytical approach that reduces fears. While with children, Anna uses an experiential approach. With all age skaters, her hope is to ignite a sense of fun, wonderment and accomplishment fueled by curiosity, discovery and a love of skating.


Barbara Murphy

Over 18 years coaching experience. Competed internationally for Poland as well as achieving a Silver Medal in Pairs in Poland. After turning professional toured with Fantasy on Ice and Germany Theater on Ice. PSA Certified rating in Free Skate, Registered rating in Synchronized Skating and Registered rating in Moves in the Field. PSA ranking-Level 3.






Olivia Olsen

Shoritah Ching

Anna Matuszewski

Arlene McSorley

The Seattle Skating Club and the Washington Ice Skating Academy (WISA) work closely together. For more information about WISA coaches, click here to download the list.