Seattle Skating Club TEAMS!

As our SSC competitive skaters progress through their testing levels we are proud to recognize their accomplishments by acknowledging them on one of our three competitive teams.  Each of these teams is attained by a skater passing a significant milestone in USFS testing.

In order to be considered for an SSC Team, a skater must be a current SSC member, must have competed or tested in a USFS Sanctioned event within the last two calendar years and must have passed the test associated with each team standard.

Skaters are awarded an SSC Team pin that we hope they wear proudly on their warm-up coats.  Pins are awarded at our end of the year holiday gala.  

The SSC Teams Skaters as of November 2018 are:

Elite Team = attained Novice FS, Novice FD or Pre-Gold Dance levels

 Jean-Luc Baker

Danny Neudecker

Gianna Buckley

Emelia Hughes

Anna Porter

Anna Teutsch

Sabrina Rust

Sarah Goertz

Riona Kessler

Denae Alley

Sarah Gonzales

Nanette Pasquini


  Junior Elite Team - attained Juvenile FS, Juvenile FD or Pre-Silver Dance levels

Kamden Black

Kayla Black

Evelyn Jackson

Mia Matson

MacKenzie Olsen

Keyi Wang

Emma Kormanyos

Ethan Kormanyos

Sara Kormanyos

Tao MacRae

MayMay Padmasuta

Paige Evans-Riera

Madison Schatz


Developmental Team =  attained Pre-Preliminary FS or Preliminary Dance levels.

Lori Kormanyos

Gabe Huber

Celeste Chettiar

Faustine Chettiar

Sina Linseth

Kaspiana Arney

Arona Cho

Lucie Dolezel

Michaela Dolezel

Addison Harden

Maggie Higgins

Brittney Kendrick

Enna Myhre

Lucy Waldrop












Congratulations to all of our SSC Team Skaters!