Upcoming Changes at OVA 

 Please check OVA's link directly!

 The ice at Olympicview Arena is maintained by the rink staff.  Schedules are posted on their website and are subject to change.  When we are notified of any changes, an email is sent to our club members and will be posted at the top of this page.  

 The rink manager, Rod Chilupka's, office is located behind the fireplace in the office.  During peak hours, ice payments can be made to either Danielle or Emily, who you fill find up front in the office in the lobby, just to the right when you come through the main front doors.  During non-peak times, when no ice monitor is present, payments should be made at the ice level by placing your payment in the box by the sign in book.  Payments can also be made to Peggy, located in the rink office behind the fireplace.  

Questions regarding ice payments, cost to skate, etc. should be directed to the rink.  You can access the rink's website on our links page.