The Board

Download the Seattle Skating Club Bylaws here.

Co-Presidents -Sanju Chettiar & Kendra Black

Vice President -Nika Pelc 

Secretary -Erin Kendrick

Treasurer -Dottie Medalia

Membership -Sanju Chettiar

Social Media/Communication -Celeste Jackson

Test Chair -John Healy

Safesport Coordinator -Erin Kendrick

WISA Representatives -Elizabeth Olsen & John Healy


If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors, or want any information on meetings, please email your intentions or questions to   

The Seattle Skating Club is governed by it's elected Board of Directors.

Our Board consists of four officer positions - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer; and a minimum of two to a maximum of eight further board members serving in  Trustee positions that oversee standing or adhoc committees.  The Officers serve for a two year term, with the President and Secretary up for election in even years and the Vice President and Treasurer elected in odd years.  Trustees serve for two years on standing committees and one year on adhoc committees. 



Qualifications. Each Officer of the Club shall have been a Home Club
Senior (over 17)or Honorary Member in good standing for the previous two (2)
consecutive skating years, inclusive of the year of the election or
appointment, and shall pay their club dues by July 31st. Employees of
and/or independent contractors with the Club, as well as professional
members of the Club shall not be eligible for an Officer position.

please see detailed duties below

President-2 year term

Secretary-2 year term



5.6.1. Qualifications. Each Trustee of the Club shall have been a Home Club
Senior or Honorary Member in good standing for the previous skating year
in which the election or appointment occurs and shall have paid dues by
July 31st. Each Trustee will head a standing or ad hoc committee. This
focus of work will provide the trustee with a clearer picture of their duties
on the Board and to the club. One Trustee may head a maximum of two
(2) committees.

Standing Committees: (two year term, must attend board meetings)

Membership Committee


Run membership drive each year from June to July.  Register members with USFS.  Answer any questions and help as needed. 

Handle transfers of club, troubleshoot problems, and other administrative issues dealing with membership. 

During competition season and testing, the membersip chair must approve all applicants and competitors making sure they are members in good standing with our club. 

Membership Committee Candidates Bio: 


Ad hoc Committees: (one year terms, must attend board meetings)

Booster our “club spirit” Committee

Keep SSC Bulletin Boards and Display Case updated with new things.  Be involved in Summer spirit week and other events.  Encourage and boost club morale, for example, help with Regional exhibitions and parties, create posters or send off items.  Generate and carry out ideas involved in improving club cohesiveness.

Event Committee

Coordinate functions put on by the SSC, designate volunteers to do various jobs or do them yourself if you prefer.  Organize around a theme, decorate the area for a function (i.e.Halloween Skate, Regionals Exhibition and Send off, Cast parties, Holiday Gala).  Clean up.

Communications Committee (Website, Facebook, Twitter)--

SSC would like our website to be a communication hub for the club and the public. 

Duties would be to maintain and update website and blog as well as Club Facebook accounts.  Start a twitter account if the board deems it necessary.

The website builder is on Squarespace which has Wysisyg or HTML.  Updating would be more efficent on a PC, but can be done on a Mac (not ideal depending on who you talk to).  Time required as much a few times a week during competitive season, shows, or around club events, however long it takes you to upload photos and create pages.  Can be done from home.  Requires ability to write and edit blog entries, but you will be posting things given to you in final form as well.  Some knowledge of websites is ideal, but can be learned.  Clear communication with others is imperative and ability to post in a timely manner essential.  Feel free to email with questions.


Communication Candidates 


Basic Skills/Bridge Program Committee

Work with the Basic Skills Program to promote the club and figure skating within the Basic Skills Program.  Will also work with Lynnwood Ice Center to promote club activities that involve Basic Skills.  



The President shall:
(a). Be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and, subject to the
direction and control of the Board of Directors;
(b). Have general supervision of the Club, including the authority to
make essential, non-financial, time-sensitive decisions with
notification to all directors within twenty-four (24) hours;
(c). Preside at meetings of the Board of Directors and Members;
(d). Sign all bonds, deeds, mortgages, and any other agreements,
subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, and such
signature shall be sufficient to bind the Club; and
(e). Have responsibility to ensure supervision of employment
contracts of all salaried Club employees;
(f). Have the power to appoint the Vice President or a trustee to act
as Co-President subject to the approval of the Board of



The Secretary shall:
(a). Prepare minutes of the meetings of the Board and Directors
and Members and keep an electronic record and/or a hard copy
record in one or more books provided for that purpose;
(b). Authenticate records of the Club;
(c). See that all notices, including meeting dates and times, are duly
given in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws or as
required by law. Said information can be disseminated via
email and by notice on the club website;
(d). Be custodian of the Corporate records of the Club;
(e). Have general charge of a membership list updated quarterly.
(f). Be responsible for the dissemination of electronic election
information, such as resumes, notice of candidate slates, and
announcement of the annual general meeting. Shall also be
responsible for the preparation of the ballots and the
distribution of said ballots at the annual general meeting.

(g). In general, perform all the duties incident to the office of
Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned by the
President or by the Board of Directors.

Responsibilites also include fielding or forwarding emails and/or phone calls
coming into SSC. 

Bios for upcoming election June 15, 2018


Sanju and Kendra:
Sanju and Kendra are a great team. They have worked closely together on many occasions like Holiday Galas, Ice Fest and Rising Stars Competitions. Both have served on the SSC Board of Directors for 3 years, and work tirelessly for the betterment of the Club. While they don't always agree on every issue, they listen to each other's views, and often these disagreements end in even better ideas. They share a common vision for Seattle Skating Club:  to be the most supportive, fun, and financially secure skating club in the Pacific Northwest Region!


My name is Sanjivani (Sanju) Chettiar, and I am running as Co-President of the Seattle Skating Club Board with Kendra Black. I have two daughters who have only been members of the Seattle Skating Club for several years. Seattle Skating Club is our home, and I want to make it the best that it can be. I have been a stay at home mom for 13 years. I have been Membership Chair for Seattle Skating Club for the last 3 years. Before that, I was on my girls’ school PTA board for 2 years. I have chaired many committees in the PTA over the span of 8 years. I have been part of our PTA auction committee for the last 7 years. Over the years I have co-chaired many successful SSC events, including; Annual Holiday Gala, Rising Stars Competition, and Ice Fest Competition. I successfully lead the Seattle Skating Club Jr. Board as the Advisor for 2 years. During this time, I helped them with club ice events such as our Halloween Party, and the Star Wars Party etc. I have always volunteered to help any and all club events which develop community spirit. I believe that SSC is the best club in the area, with the best skaters, coaches, and parents!!! And has the most to offer. I would like to see our community grow as we support each other at every level and in every discipline that this sport offers. I appreciate your support!


As most of you know, I have two skaters currently active in SSC, Kamden (almost 15yrs) and Kayla (12yrs). I think we have a wonderful club, full of history, and it is my privilege to carry on these traditions and create new ones too. 
For the past 3 years I have served as Club Vice President and Social Chair. It has been very satisfying to coordinate fun events like the Summer Parties (swimming & bowling), and themed Skating Pizza Parties (no event is too small for a good Pizza Party).  I love to see the our community become more comnected through these occasions. In addition, I have been working on competition Goody Bags, raffle/procurement of donations, and the co-chair of the Holiday Gala. 
Outside of the rink, I help my husband with our family business, Anderson and Black Insurance, homeschool Kayla, and drive our three children to the moon and back daily (as many of you can relate to). Before having children, I was the President and Rush Chair of my sorority Alpha Chi Omega, and successfully opened a Bridal Store. You might be surprised to know that I worked for almost a decade as a Class Action Adjuster, which entailed traveling, working outside on a ladder (in the rain) and dealing with both hostile and friendly people.
I truly believe in being a positive force in the world, and I hope I am bringing this spirit of optimism to SSC!



Dottie Medalia: Bio for Treasurer for Seattle Skating Club

                My background has been a few different directions at times. Starting in the medical field as a Certified Nursing Assistant, (which mostly kept me assisting seniors every day), in nursing homes, assistant care homes and even to my own “Home Care “company. I had to know medical needs of each, manage their days, organize their homes, and always look to see future needs as their health was going to decline. I turned a different direction after many years and did some wholesaling. I had a warehouse, and staff, to lead and budget. I feel like this helped me excel in my organization and my Quickbook skills for my accounts. I have always loved math. You might ask, why no business now…. Well, as most of you know, nothing can grow and move forward without a good team. I was never able to find people who loved these two jobs as much as I did, and wanted to give 120 percent every day like I was taught as a child. I still do bookkeeping from home, for one Heating and AC guy. I have done his books and office work for over 15 years. I would also be considered a “Home Maker”. I love that title! I always laugh when I hear that title, as it’s a fancy way to say, you clean bathrooms, and get no sleep! Thankfully, I don’t require much sleep, and truly love being able to raise all my kids and be here for them each day.

                My skating background, I started skating in Alaska and moved to Lynnwood in ’87. I quickly joined Seattle Skating Club, and my mother quickly started to volunteer. She was a National Accountant for USFSA, and always had me in accounting room wanting me to follow in her footsteps.  I saw her for many years assisting Seattle Skating Club even as a board member. I did follow in the years, educating myself with the accounting room, and learning from very smart National Accountants in our areas. About 4 years ago, I tried to get more involved and finally get my Regional Accounting Appointment. After a few delays, I did get this appointment last year, and will be working on more appointments in the future. I currently get invites to at least 6 competitions a year, including our own Ice Fest. I also was elected to PNIC last year and love serving as their Treasurer. I have so many more things to learn, so I take the time to be on important phone calls from USFSA, my PNIC calls, and all education I see available for accounting room for my competitions. I have tried to do everything, Pam Dawson (PNIC Pres.) has asked me to do, and in return she has passed on advice and knowledge to help me in my goals. I love working with the PNIC team, since they listen and teach, and open to new ideas. I am very excited, to see the future of PNIC.

                I love being busy, and really want to volunteer time, to help grow Seattle Skating Club. I have many ideas from all the years in this sport. I have also watched and learned from our older generations. If appointed, I will perform this job to the best of my ability, and look for answers to my questions. I think there are some good changes coming to USFSA, and enthusiastic to watch the growths happen.

Thank you for your time!